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We create conservation experiences for environmental adventurers.

Who we are / Passionate environmentalists who are changing the way we travel

It all started back at university. Jada was a science student, learning about ecology, evolution and the environment. She was lucky enough to snorkel from a Great Barrier Reef research island and search for frogs in the tropical Northern Territory night with some of the world’s leading scientists. These experiences were unlike anything else she had experienced. They were rewarding and meaningful because she was contributing to something larger than herself. And so, ConserVentures was born.


We know the importance of travel for getting away and learning about the world. Unfortunately,  ecotourism isn’t as ‘eco’ as it sounds. Ecotourism destinations often have problems with water quality, waste management, erosion, air quality, and management of feral animals and invasive plants. Most travel experiences also completely disregard the Traditional Owners and do not acknowledge the vital role they play.


ConserVentures is partnering with conservation organisations to create fun and rewarding outdoor experiences. After spending a day contributing to an active conservation project, swimming in a natural waterfall and camping out under the twinkling stars, you’ll know you have done something good for the planet (and had some fun too!).


We promise to make a big difference but only leave footprints.

Jada Andersen (Founder)

Biologist, conservationist and globetrotter who is passionate about reconnecting people with the environment through travel.

Our Values / How and why we operate 

We acknowledge the acceleration of human development and desire for growth which have put our ecosystems and by extension us, at risk of collapse. We can no longer build and support institutions which prioritise profit over the planet and therefore intend to do what’s right, over what’s lucrative. As a company, we strive to lead the shift to a new paradigm where people no longer see themselves as ‘in’ the environment but rather, a part of it. We are custodians of the land, and measure our success by the number of people reconnected to land and ecosystems protected. 


The following company values are to be embodied by our employees and demonstrated to our customers.


  • Community & Connection - We support one another through challenges and victories and interact with each other as friends and fellow humans, rather than co-workers. We treat everyone equally and foster an inclusive and collaborative environment for all.


  • Respect & Honesty - We treat others' time as valuable, and communicate truthfully and directly.


  • Passion & Determination - We share the company’s vision for the future and do everything in our power to actualise it.


  • Accountable & Responsible - As a company, we are accountable for our impact on our customers and the planet. Similarly, as individuals we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and fulfill our responsibilities to the best of our ability.


  • Sustainable & Regenerative - We ensure to do no harm to people or the planet. We strive to be regenerative and planet-positive in everything we do as individuals and as a company.


  • Independent & Proactive -  We are free-thinkers who share and act based on what we believe is right. We are grassroots activists campaigning for a world that aligns with our values and mission.


  • Enduring & Commercial - In order to increase our impact and continue doing good, we must work to be profitable. However, this should not be at the expense of our values.

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